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The Chicago Vampire Ball is an annual celebration for vampires, by vampires, for one night only. The highlight of the event is be the Queen Vampire Pageant. 6 applicants will display their talents and claim their reign but only one will be voted Queen by the assembled night-walkers. Applicants may be any age, race, gender, shape, size or style.

To claim the crown, you must run the gauntlet!

Applicants must flawlessly execute two tasks in full view of the assembled coterie of vampires. These tasks are...


  • Demonstrate your power with a Display of Talent. 

  • Transform from your Common Look to your Queen Look. 

Voting will follow. One vote per patron. The votes will be tallied on the premises and the Queen will receive her crown at the event! All decisions by the Viceroy are permanent and binding.


The Queen will have her rewards.

The Chicago Queen Vampire will enjoy...


  • The Queen Vampire's Crown and Sash and a bouquet of Night Roses.

  • Exclusive seating on the Queen's Throne.

  • A $200 Cash Prize (of mortal currency).

  • Open bar tab until the sun comes up.

  • Boudoir photo shoot with a human photographer!

  • Permanent display of her portrait for eternity. 

  • A place of honor in the next year's Vampire Ball.


Registration for Queen Vampire Competition does not guarantee victory. To register as an accolyte, email us at BimBamBurly at Use the email title, "VAMPIRE QUEEN" and include a paragraph announcing why you will win and include 4 - 5 pictures of you in your vampiric glory! You'll receive confirmation within 24 hours.

Applicants must attend a mandatory orientation meeting at Rock Bottom Restaurant on Sunday, Oct. 9th at noon. Applicants do not purchase a ticket to the Ball and may have one guest attendee. 

4 Slots remain for 2022.
Registration for Queen is OPEN!
Registration closes on Aug. 31st.

"Who Will Wear The Crown?"


"6 Dark Acolytes will pledge to be the queen. No more. No less.

Their talents, will they demonstrate, to the assembled brethren. 
Their look, will they display, in all their ebony finery. 
Rose red drops will be the vote of the brethren. 
The Word will be the vote of the King.
At last, the Queen of the Night will be chosen.
An Onyx crown upon her brow.
Long Live The Queen."

The Prophesy of "Mad" Jack Battallon,
Pope Invictus of the Chicago Vampire Enclave (1392 - 1986, AD.) 

The CHICAGO VAMPIRE BALL will be held at 

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery.

(1 W. Grand Ave.)

PHONE: 773-242-9423

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